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Windlestone Parish Council!

Windlestone is situated on the old Great North Road on the edge of Chilton in County Durham.   The Parish is located in the Parliamentary Constituency of Sedgefield, and is served by Durham County Council and Windlestone Parish Council.   The Parish is fragmented stretching from Rushyford to Skycroft Kennels and Cattery at Old Eldon.

Within the Parish lies the magnificant Windlestone Hall, which is currently being renovated, and was in the hands of the Eden family from the time of Queen Elizabeth I. In 1920 the Hall became the Wayfarers Benevolent Association Headquarters and over the years has also been used as a Prisoner of War Camp, a refugee centre and a residential school used by Durham County Council. The park was laid out in the late 18th century with the addition of terraced gardens in the 19th century. The park and gardens contain a number of features, parkland and formal gardens.